Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night...

It's been a funny few days.  A very "full of life" few days, in what is, I believe, the true meaning of the phrase.

The sun shone on Saturday, so we decided to postpone a planned trip to London, and enjoy time at home - particularly since the builders (who've worked every Saturday since they started in October...bless them...!), weren't here either and it was blissfully quiet.

I pottered around in the garden, put up some shelves and pictures in my shed, and examined all my plants for signs of life.  I love it when they start to bud, just to let me know they are still there and survived the winter!  In the midst of all this burgeoning, beautiful, new life came news of a friend who had finally lost the fight for hers - so sad, so young.  And then, on Monday, I met up with another friend who had recently lost an elderly aunt whom she desperately loved, who, although still grieving herself, is having to sort out all sorts of family stuff and support everyone else.  In the midst of all that, she found time to sort out a few bits and pieces for me from her aunt's house that she knew I would love.

And isn't that life in a nutshell?  New growth, love, friendship, giving, death...

It seems like Spring may have finally sprung - as I type this (sitting up in bed on my gorgeous, spanking new laptop!), I can hear the birds singing outside - lovely, lovely, lovely!!

Debbie x

Photo courtesy of my in-house photographer...

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