Saturday, 13 October 2012

I am girding my loins.....

I haven't yet promoted or published the fact (on my Facebook page or to friends) that I am writing this blog - mainly because I'm not sure I have the courage to share what I write...yet.

Is it rubbish, is what I write drivel, is my phrasing/spelling/grammar atrocious?  So, have been sitting writing quietly in a corner, to myself - or so I thought.  I spent a few minutes this morning exploring the world of Blogger, to try to find out how various things are done and came across a statistic that has made me quake - there have been 85 viewings of my last post....   Ooooh, panic is setting in!

That (potentially) means that 82 others (not including husband, daughter and son - loyal followers) are out there reading my musings.  I sincerely hope it's not too boring for you all!

We are spending the weekend getting ready for the builders, who are starting work next week on a huge renovation project - the first stage will take about three months, then we will move across into that bit and the second stage will commence - so, all in all, we will have builders around until sometime around July next year, assuming all goes to schedule....  

It'll be lovely when it's done....

Debbie x

Monday, 8 October 2012

The times they are a'changin.....

I was chatting to a friend today, and she started to talk about her younger son, and his education.  A friend of hers, who has a child in the same class at school, joined in and made a statement which, though I know is probably true, has really made me think.

They were talking about reading, and writing, and the friend of a friend said "I'm not too worried about her handwriting, because by the time she grows up, they won't BE writing..." - and of course, she could be right.  I came home, still pondering this comment, and purely by chance read an article in Elle Decoration which said that a recent survey found that the people questioned had not actually written (by hand) anything for an average of 41 days. Incredible isn't it?  But the way things are going I suppose.

I would usually have said "It's sad", but given the recent events in Wales, can't - the disappearance of that sweet little girl is truly truly sad.  My heart goes out to her family.  Rest in peace little April.

Debbie x

Monday, 1 October 2012

A thinking and doing kind of day.....

Today I have decided to crack on and start to get things sorted...there is a heck of a lot to sort, in all areas of my life.  I am starting with the practical, then plan to move on to the harder stuff...

I came across this on Facebook this morning, which seemed timely...

So far, in between cups of tea, answering the door, the phone, eating HobNobs and chatting with the dogs, I have made a list and taped up two's going to be slow going, but at least I've made a start!

In between times, I tidied my office windowsill and came up with this little arrangement - something nice to look at when I'm working my way through the bills.   A tad eclectic - possibly a sign of a slightly muddled mind - but I think actually it's just a collection of things I am liking today!  One can read too much into these things!

Debbie x

Friday, 28 September 2012

So get on your way....

Okay, here we go, this is it.  My first ever blog post.

I'm not quite sure what form the blog will take, or indeed if it will continue, but for the moment the plan is to use it to post all sorts of "stuff" - my thoughts (which will always be myriad and often confused!), things that are happening in both my life and in the world, and also anything which may come up in relation to my business - Theo & Bernice.

I can't quite decide if this is a huge vanity, but have been thinking of doing it for ages, and after some gentle encouragement from a couple of ladies I met at a vintage fair last weekend, decided to go for it!  Thank you Jo and Fiona (I think)!

I hope (if indeed anyone is out there...) that you find it interesting, sometimes amusing, on occasion thought-provoking.  I would love to hear your comments in return - but please be kind, I'm a fragile soul!

Debbie x