Saturday, 13 October 2012

I am girding my loins.....

I haven't yet promoted or published the fact (on my Facebook page or to friends) that I am writing this blog - mainly because I'm not sure I have the courage to share what I write...yet.

Is it rubbish, is what I write drivel, is my phrasing/spelling/grammar atrocious?  So, have been sitting writing quietly in a corner, to myself - or so I thought.  I spent a few minutes this morning exploring the world of Blogger, to try to find out how various things are done and came across a statistic that has made me quake - there have been 85 viewings of my last post....   Ooooh, panic is setting in!

That (potentially) means that 82 others (not including husband, daughter and son - loyal followers) are out there reading my musings.  I sincerely hope it's not too boring for you all!

We are spending the weekend getting ready for the builders, who are starting work next week on a huge renovation project - the first stage will take about three months, then we will move across into that bit and the second stage will commence - so, all in all, we will have builders around until sometime around July next year, assuming all goes to schedule....  

It'll be lovely when it's done....

Debbie x

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  1. Give it some Welly I say... Stuff the grammaticals! Write from the heart, folk'll either get it or they won't AND if they don't, remind yourself you are doing it for YOU.



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